Babies are one of the most amazing creations of nature. I have been dealing with babies for over 40 years, and even today when I hold a newborn in my hand, I am totally mesmerized at the potential that is there in the tiny brain and the body of the baby.

Babies grow very rapidly after birth, emotionally, physically as well as mentally, and the first three years are the most important years in the entire life of an individual.

I have always had a great interest in developmental pediatrics. My journey in pediatrics has been a long one, and I have seen two generations grow up in front of me. I have experienced how the demands and challenges of parenting change with time. Parenting today is more difficult than it was thirty years ago, and parenting in the future will be far more difficult and challenging than it is today. The world we live in today is in a state of constant and rapid change. The environment we live in is constantly evolving, and we have to keep pace with this change and the different challenges that we face now, and what has to come in the future.

Every day I see young parents striving hard to be good caregivers. However, with a very heavy heart I have to say that a lot remains to be desired in the parenting skills of a large number of families. Parents today need to be better informed and educated in the science behind the emotional and mental development of babies.

The immense benefits of proper nurturing of babies right from the time of birth has prompted me to write on this subject. The objective is to create awareness among young parents about the benefits of good and early nurturing of the vital senses and the brains of their infants.

The “Infant Stimuli” Program is based on cutting edge scientific research, and covers all the vital areas of development in the important early formative years of the child.

The aim of this program is to rear intelligent babies, who will become better thinkers, good decision makers, and emotionally happy adults.

A tremendous amount of research has been conducted over the last few years on the human brain and its capabilities. A lot of new and important information is now available regarding the functioning of the brain and mental faculties. Research has provided valuable insight into the  vital senses and the way babies progress and develop from the time of conception until birth and into early childhood.

Valuable research has led us to some amazing facts regarding how babies hear, smell, see, and even have a memory, not only at birth, but even while still in the mother’s womb. Thanks to the dedicated researchers in this field, we can now offer our children a better and a brighter future.

“Every Second is Important,  And Every Second Counts”