For a long time in our parenting skills we have focused mainly on the IQ (intelligence quotient) of the baby. We  have been under the impression that a high IQ is the real key to success. This is  far from true. In order to be really successful in the game of life one needs to  have a higher EQ (emotional quotient) as compared to IQ alone.

Let us look at the brain of our child. The lower part of the brain is the brain stem. The brain stem is responsible for heart rate, respiratory rate, and regulation of body temperature. Above the brain stem is the midbrain. This is responsible for functions like appetite, sleep and arousal. Above the midbrain is the cortex of the brain, which is responsible for analysis, reasoning, critical thinking, and is the seat for IQ.

On top of the midbrain and below the cortex is the limbic system of the brain. This is the seat for emotional intelligence (EQ). This is where the emotional centers are. Emotions of happiness, sadness,  anxiety, fear, depression, self esteem, love, affection, and a lot more are all based here. People who are happy, creative, innovative, loving, and with good self-esteem have a highly developed and active limbic system.

The development of the limbic system is based of the kind of stimuli it receives from the outside world. Stimuli that make a strong limbic system are care and love, exposure to high quality and positive  language, music, art, and touch.

People who are highly successful always tend to have a high EQ, even though their IQ may be just average. Therefore the  paradigm that IQ is what determines the success of a person in life is false.

Why is a strong limbic system important?

A strong limbic system is not only responsible for emotional intelligence, but you might be surprised to know that there is also a direct correlation between the limbic system, the seat for (EQ) and the cortex of the brain (IQ).

The limbic system and the cortex have a loop like effect on one another. A strong and a well-functioning limbic system will result in a stronger and better functioning cortex.

What does this mean to educators and caregivers?

The answer is simple. If you enhance the emotional centers in the limbic system and have a child with a high EQ, then this will in turn have a positive effect on the cortex and the IQ level of the baby.

In simple terms, happy children with a high emotional intelligence will also be very bright. They will have good judgment, better intuition, excellent analytical skills, and sound critical thinking. This is the kind of person who is highly likely to have a successful and a brilliant future and a happy life.

That is why laying proper foundations for a high EQ is so important in the first few years of life. In the current child nurturing techniques this paradigm is therefore gaining a lot of favor amongst educators.

Infant stimuli” is a uniquely designed educational system where a lot of emphasis is laid down in the emotional development of children. The best time to lay down permanent foundations for a sound emotional development is in the first few years of life.

The two key areas in nurturing of children are

  1. Formal education
  2. Personal development

Unfortunately, majority of parents and educators focus on formal education and largely ignore the fact that laying down foundations of personal development in children is extremely crucial.

Formal education is important and surely our children need to go to schools, colleges, and universities. But this is not enough.

We have followed this paradigm  especially in the last forty to fifty years. The results have been far from desirable. I have been in the child development business for over forty years now. I can assure you that I have seen a sharp decline in the area of personal development, and it is clearly evident in the behavior of our youth. It is scary.

Personal development revolves around developing some important traits and skills that are very important to lead a successful life. Intuition, imagination, creativity, goal setting, decision making, having a good emotional makeup, and more importantly good communication skills are some important areas to focus on.

Unfortunately, in our current child rearing techniques we have lost it. If it continues to be the way it is, we will soon have an entire generation without these important skills. We have already seen an escalation in behavioral and emotional issues in our society, and the rate of childhood behavioral disorders is at an all-time high.

I urge all parents, caregivers, and educators to revisit the upbringing paradigm. At the end of the day there is nothing more important than to have an intelligent, well-balanced and emotionally happy child.

In the whole learning process, I am a great believer in “laying sound foundations” rather than “enhancement”.  Laying proper foundations makes the learning process easy and natural and once mastered it is permanent for an entire lifetime.

In our conventional child nurturing model the stress is on enhancement of the child’s capabilities, and not so much as in laying the foundations for learning skills. The reason for this is that we live in a paradigm that says that children start to learn only after the age of five or six years. This is also the reason why in the conventional model importance is given to growth rather than development in early childhood.

The danger with the existing model is that one loses out on the critical window of opportunity of acquiring proper learning skills, and by the time the child is about six years of age it is too late to lay down proper learning skills.

Infant stimuli” is not just a time bound stimulation program. It is a lifestyle and a way of life that you adopt with your baby. Each moment is a moment of learning for your baby, and every experience is important and leaves an impression on the baby’s brain. Anything you do with the baby is a stimulus, either negative or positive. Your baby is either going forward or sliding back.

The tools and techniques outlined in the infant stimuli program are based on a lot of research and scientific reasoning. Over the years that I have used the program I have seen some extremely good results, and I highly encourage all parents and care givers to follow these wonderful techniques. It not only lays sound foundations for mental and emotional development, but also makes a child much more creative, imaginative, and intelligent.

Infant Stimuli” is indeed the “Education of the future”, and the real way to nurture your children.

"Every Second is Important,  And Every Second Counts"