Human beings perceive information from the outside world through vision,ouch, taste, smell, and hearing. These are the vital senses that have to work in coordination and as an entity. Stimulation of these senses as one unit has a large role to play in the overall development of the baby.

Proper stimulation of vision,
touch, taste, smell, and hearing
has a huge impact on emotional
development and intelligence

It is also important to understand, that stimulation of one vital sense has a great impact on the other senses as well. Proper and intelligent stimulation of the vital senses plays a key role not only in physical and mental development, but also more importantly in the emotional development of the baby.

As mentioned earlier, there are critical windows of opportunities for all these vital senses, and they open and close very early in life, in fact within the first two years. This therefore makes the first few years of life crucially important to educators and caregivers.

Critical windows of opportunities close by the end of the second year. Do not miss out on this important time frame

The development of these senses in our children is taken as a matter of normal growth and development. On one hand this is true, but it is also important to understand, that nurturing the vital senses properly is very important in laying down good foundations for intelligence and emotions in the growing baby.

A lack of proper stimulation of these senses will result in poor intelligence, and children with a lack of emotions. This can lead to severe personality and behavioral problems later on in a child’s life.

Improper nurturing can lead to severe and irreversible damage to intelligence and emotions

"Every Second is Important,  And Every Second Counts"