A right brain based education system for accelerated mental, physical, and emotional development from birth to three years.

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Developmental milestones of a baby such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, and walking, are a huge source of anxiety for many parents.
Although milestones do follow a certain pattern in the development of babies, the reality is that kids arrive at different milestones at different times, and even in a different order. No two children will follow the pattern of development in an identical manner.

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What is Infant Stimuli ?

Infant Stimuli is a right brain-based education system for accelerated mental, physical, and emotional development in children from birth through to the first three years of life.

What is the Advantage of Right Brain-Based Learning ?

Right brain-based learning is very rapid, effortless, and permanent. The right brain is far more powerful than the left, has a huge storage capacity, and can process information at lightning speed. Therefore, training your child to use the right brain as the primary tool for learning will give him or her a huge advantage for an entire lifetime.

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The Key to Right Brain-Based Learning. The Flash Card Technique

The key to right brain-based learning is to present a large piece of information to the baby at a very rapid rate. The primary tool is the use of "flash card technique". The most effective way is to present the flashcards at a rate of one card per second. This precision has been incorporated in the digital version of the Infant Stimuli program.

Importance of Early Nuturing

Seventy percent of brain growth is completed by the first year of age and ninety percent by the end of three years. In the first three years of life, trillions of connections are formed between the nerve cells. The period of maximum learning in an entire lifetime is from the third trimester of pregnancy through to the first two years of life. Intelligent parenting in the first three years can lead to a substantial increase in the IQ and the EQ levels in later life.

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Flashcards are the key to the right brain stimulation in small babies. This is a very important tool to help in substantially increasing the IQ and the EQ levels in small babies and also help greatly in laying down sound foundations for excellent emotional makeup. The infant stimuli program has a total of 715 flashcards in 14 different categories. We are offering you a free pdf download of 183 cards from the full program for getting started right away.

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